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waa murawaxad casri ah, waxeyna wadataa solor system iyo 2guluub, sidoo kale waxaad ku charger gareyn karta chargerka caadiga ah
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There is a stand that holds the fan in firm to prevent falling and also allows easy rotation. it can be used on office desk, bedsides, and also for outdoor activities. With a charging ac 110-240v cable , it charges fast and also has a dc input for solar panel charging, it connects to all kinds of devices with usb interface like notebooks, power banks, phones and other usb gadgets.
  • safety metal grid
  • ac/dc dual power
  • durable and efficient
  • 2 led light bulbs
  • usb jack for charging cellphon
  • usb mobile charge
  • *provides strong wind power with adjustable settings.
    super bright led night light function
  • silent

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