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Panasonic Blender


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pasonic waa mid kamid mashiinada shiida cabitaan kuwooda ugu tayadda fiican Quyaan iyo Qaleylba waad ku shiidan kartaa.

Panasonic Blender Mx1021: Panasonic Blender Mx1021 Is One Of The Kitchen Appliances, In Which You Won’t Afford To Be Missing In Your Kitchen And Earns Its Spot In Your Kitchen. The Blender Rules The Kitchen With Its High Performance And Compact Personal Blending With Food Processing. What We Meant By Saying The Blender Is Good For Food Processing Is That You Can Use Is To Create Delicious Smoothies, Juices, Frozen Coffee Drinks, Vegetables And Fruits. This Blender Has A Food Processor That Saves Time While Making Things Easier. With An Integrated Blade Technology Which Offers Blended And Processed Food Every Time.

The Blender Is Design In Such A Way That, All The Parts Of Its Body Are Dishwasher Safe For Easy And Quick Cleaning.

The Blender Features Latest Iec, 1000ml Plastic Jug, Circuit Breaker, 2 Mill Attachment, Scraper For Mixing And A Safety Lock So That When Blending It Will Hold It Firmly. The High Performance Of The Blender Allows Your Blender To Blend Smoothly, Quickly And Efficiently And Makes You Get What You Want From Natural Fruit And Vegetable. This Blender Helps In Saving Your Money From Buying Readily Made Juice And Vegetable Which Have Been Process With Chemicals And Also Mixed With Sugar, Which Are Not Good For Health.

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