Dalbo Dagdag Kuhel

Tayo Sare Qiima Macquul Ah




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Waa Obven Yar oo Koronto ku shaqeeya Aadna Ku sameynsan karto : Chicken iyo Chips-ka iyo Wali macmacaaano kale.

  • Roast – grill – fry – toast – reheat – defrost – bake – steam healthy cooking with zero to 80% less oil cooks up to 3 times faster than conventional oven large 13l capacity see-thru glass bowl no soot &non-radiative (metal cookware safe) up to 60mins timer & max temperature of 250 celcius handle includes safety switch pause feature comes in standard or normal ring or air fryer ring
  • capacity : 13l
  • bowl power rating : 1400w, 220~240v, 50hz max adjustable temperature : 250 celcius max adjustable timer : 60 mins material : glass bowl, stainless steel rack & heat resistant oven stand

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